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2019 Fun Fest, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

2018 Fun Fest, Cleveland, Ohio

2017 Fun Fest, Portland, Oregon

2016 Fun Fest, Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania

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2015 Fun Fest, Black Hills of South Dakota

Black HillsThis may be one of the most famous and most photographed sights in the United States… and we were there.

This year, the Jim Smith Society held it’s annual Fun Festival in the Black Hills of South Dakota with Rapid City as our starting point for each day. Many of the Jims and Gems arrived several days early to begin sightseeing on their own as well as to meet and greet old friends from the many past years of Fun Fests.

Some of the places visited even before the official start of the festivities included Wall Drug, The Corn Palace, Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, The Chapel in the Hills, The Reptile Gardens, Devil’s Tower, The South Dakota Air & Space Museum, and Ellsworth Air Force Base and ICBM Missile Site. Because of an over abundance of photos, we are not showing pictures of all those sites and will stick to photos of activities on the itinerary.

With Jims and Gems arriving beginning on Monday and the official Fun Fest getting underway on Thursday, there was a lot of meeting and greeting in the numerous places available in the hotel. We rather took over the lobby, the lunch area, the patio, and wherever we found it convenient to catch up on news of all the families.

004002One of the things we do a lot is stand in line to get on the bus. But, fear not! It gives us a chance to take more pictures, chat with someone, and get in a few laughs. One picture of bus boarding will suffice since you can’t tell one from another! And, in case you are mobility challenged, let that not keep you from attending as we have several people that have special needs. It doesn’t slow them or the rest of us down and there is always someone there to help out.

008007Our first official itinerary item was a visit to the Fort Hays Chuckwagon Dinner and Show. Included in the complex is a gift shop, rope maker, blacksmith, tinsmith, a pressed penny machine, a place to pan for pebbles, a museum, and the rustic buildings that were the scene of the “Dances with Wolves” movie.0010

009We did have to bail Emma out of the hoosegow  so she could eat dinner.

012The chuckwagon supper was served on tin plates, made by the local tinsmith. It consisted of a baked potato, baked beans, a choice of beef or chicken, apple sauce, a biscuit and a piece of spice cake, with a choice of lemonade, iced tea, or water. Just what a hungry bunch of Jims and Gems needed.

We were then treated to an excellent show which consisted of  a mix of comedy, country, bluegrass, rock and roll and classical music. Elvis even joined the party.


014Following our return to the hotel, the Board of Directors had a brief meeting. Since we have no particular business concerns, this meeting consists of reports from the JSS officers including the President, Eden NC Jim, Vice President, Shawnee, OK Jim, Secretary, Enumclaw, WA Donna, Assistant Secretary, Charlotte, NC Jim who did not attend this year, Treasurer, Charlotte, NC (Slim) Jim and Vera, Membership, East Berlin, PA Jim, Historian / Quartermaster, Indian Head, MD Jim, Newsletter Editor / Web Master, Hollister, MO Suzie, and 2016 Fun Fest Chairpersons, Budd Lake, NJ Jim and Peg. Anyone who wishes may attend these meetings and any questions or concerns about the Society will gladly be answered by any of the officers.

Friday morning our bus took us to Hill City where we boarded an 1880s train for an hour ride through beautiful Black Hills country.

015015 2016The bus picked us up at the end of the train ride and we stopped beside a small park to have lunch. Within the park a chainsaw wood sculptor was at work. He told Saylorsburg Jim that he is a Russian from Siberia where he got a degree in computer engineering. Once in the United States, he was handed a chain saw he had never used before. He adapted to it immediately and has been creating chain saw sculptures ever since. Although it was a rather chilly, quite windy day, many of the Jims and Gems got out of the bus to view the sculptures up close and to photograph some of them.

021019Following lunch, we were taken to Mt. Rushmore National Park. The four faces, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved into the mountainside are recognized throughout the world. To be able to stand in front of the actual sculptures is phenomenal. They are truly a work of art and a remarkable feat created and carved out of nature. Because of the onset of WWII the sculpture was never finished. The picture on the right shows the original plans for the finished sculpture but funding was cut off at the beginning of the war and never restored.

027026031Indian Head Jim took this amazing picture showing how they made the eyes look so real from a distance. He was one of those that braved the walk along the Presidential Trail, a .4 mile loop which included more than 250 steps. trail signThis ended our touring for Friday and we headed back to the hotel to prepare for dinner and JIMGO, our version of BINGO. Everyone contributes a prize, usually inexpensive, sometimes comical, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes homemade… All are fun and eventually each one playing will win something. There are usually extra prizes so once everyone has won a prize we all play to see who wins the extras. It’s a hilarious evening and winning is always good, but losers are smiling as well! Their time will come!

ShirleySaturday began with boarding the bus at 8:30 AM to start on another great day of exploring. Our main objective for the day was the Crazy Horse Monument, however, our bus driver wanted to take us by Mt. Rushmore first in order for a better photo opportunity than Friday offered. With the sun shining on the faces of the presidents and the sky a very clear blue, plus a much nicer, warmer day, we welcomed the chance to take more pictures.



030024 025028From Mt. Rushmore we were taken on the Norbeck Scenic Highway, part of which is referred to as the “Iron Mountain Road”. This took us over some narrow roads, through 6 tunnels, one of which was 3 inches wider than our bus, 3 pigtail bridges and lots of hairpin curves and switchbacks.

tunnel view Picture1We were awed by the amazing scenery including places like “Needles’ Highway”, and “Cathedral Spires”. At one place along the way we stopped where many pictures were taken and some of our more energetic souls climbed a hill to look for mica schist and rose quartz. (We have enough rocks in Missouri, I don’t bring more home from other places.)

050046Along the way, we viewed a lot of wild animals, and some not so wild.

036035040039We stopped on our way through Custer State Park to eat our boxed lunch before continuing on to the Crazy Horse Monument. 045A Rapid City Television crew met us at this point and interviewed several of the Jims and Vera for the news program to air later that evening.

Our next stop was the Crazy Horse Museum and Gift Shop where we viewed a 20 minute movie explaining the project and telling all about the family that has made it their life’s work.

There are no government funds involved in this sculpture, it is funded by the various other venues in the complex and by charitable donations that will eventually support an Indian University, among other things.

This photo shows a clear comparison of what has been done since the first rock was blasted in 1948 and the ultimate goal for the sculpture. Needless to say, it probably won’t be completed in any of our lifetimes.It does, however, make for wonderful photo opportunities and the Jims and Gems took advantage of that, as well as a tour through the gift shop and museum.

Crazy Horse044042


043 Following touring of the Crazy Horse site, we once again entered the bus to complete our journey for the day. We had one more stop at Sylvan Lake. This is a recreational lake where we were given enough time to take a walk along the path parallel to the lake. The views of the opposite side of the lake offered really phenomenal rock formations.

Of course, there was the requisite gift shop, and the ever popular “summer houses.” Our guide explained to us that “some are his” and “some are hers.”

054055Sylvan lake056This ended our touring for another Jim Smith Society Fun Fest. An absolutely wonderful time was had by everyone. All that was left now was to attend our “Banquet” which used to mean dressing to the nines but has gone with the times and is now pretty casual. I think it also has something to do with not having the energy to get all gussied up after a full nine hours of sightseeing! At any rate, we say goodbye to another Fun Fest and hope we can all attend the next one. We all look forward to that with great anticipation! Below are the traditional banquet night photos of the Jims and Gems as we say our final goodbyes for 2015.

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Jims 3                    See you in 2016 in the Poconos!

2014 Fun Fest Winston-Salem, NC

July 14, 2014 found an enthusiastic group of Jim Smiths and their wives, better known as Gems, beginning to gather in Clemmons, NC at the Village Inn Event Center. What a wonderful staging point from which to take day trips to enjoy the many great venues chosen by our hosts. Fasten your seat belts, it was a very busy five days. Not all of the Jims and Gems had arrived the first day, but the festivities started without them. Approximately 14 of us visited the Hendrick Motorsports Museum, a cricket hatchery where they also raise fish and worms for bait, then on to the private museum of stuffed animals acquired over many years of big game hunting by our hostesses brother, Paul. With almost 1300 pictures to choose from, this post will contain only a small portion of the total Click on the thumbnails to view a larger picture..

Day One – Tuesday July 15

0001 Day three

Gathering of the Jims and Gems

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Day two – Wednesday July 16

While the initial 14 were out taking in the sights on Tuesday, more Jims and Gems were arriving at the hotel. The evening was spent catching up on all the latest and preparing for the planned outing for the next day. Our bus arrived and the gang went aboard. The plan for the day was to visit Reynolda House, the home of the late R. J. Reynolds and family, It is now a museum full of beautiful furniture and the original kitchens, a bowling alley, shooting range, an attic showroom containing clothing and toys from the family’s past, and many valuable paintings, etc. displayed throughout. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the museum, but we have a few taken on the grounds. A local television station and some newspaper reporters interviewed the Jims and a couple of the Gems, including our hostess, Vera. From Reynolda House, we got in a little shopping at Reynolda Village, a developed area of the property. Then, we all gathered at the Charlotte, NC home of Dierdre Smith, the daughter of one of our hosts, for a fantastic North Carolina Barbecue. While there, a few more of the Jims and Gems arrived.

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Day Three – Thursday July 17

This day took us to Old Salem for a fun day of exploring and shopping with lunch at Old Salem Tavern. More shopping and exploring in the afternoon. We also got in on a drive through tour of Winston-Salem. After arriving back at the hotel, a few that hadn’t been worn out completely, made an impromptu trip to the historic Brooktown Inn, owned by the same lady who owns The Village Inn Events Center.


00001 Day three0002 Day three

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0078 Day three0083 Day three


Day Four – Friday, July 18

Cookies, wine and JIMGO… what more could you ask? The day started off with the usual breakfast at the Inn, then on to Mrs. Hanes Handmade Moravian Cookie Factory! After sampling all six flavors of cookies and purchasing some to take with us, we journeyed on to the Childress Winery, owned by Richard Childress of NASCAR fame. Following an extensive tour of the winery, more purchases were made. You know there will be parties tonight! For those not familiar with the traditions of the Jim Smith Society, JIMGO is our version of BINGO and is one of the highlights of the Fun Fest. Everyone brings an inexpensive gift and as the games progress, each one can only win once until everyone has won a prize. Any extras are then fair game for all.

0001 Day four0002 Day four


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0060 Day four0062 Day four


0063 Day four0052 Day four



Day Five – Saturday July 19

Our final day of fun and frolic… Most of the day was spent at the North Carolina Transportation Museum and Spencer Train Roundhouse. It included a short but enjoyable train ride. The bus driver also took us past the last existing Shell Station shaped like the Shell symbol. Originally there were eight of them. This one is no longer in service, but does provide a tourist attraction. After returning to the hotel for a little rest and relaxation all the Jims and Gems gathered for the Saturday Night Banquet. Entertainment was provided by a group of friends and relatives of one of the host families and consisted of a demonstration of a dance called the Shag which originated in the Carolinas. Many of the Jims and Gems joined in the dancing as the evening progressed. A well deserved presentation was made to Vera Smith for her continuing dedication to the Jim Smith Society.

00001 Day five0001 Day five




0003 Day five0007  Day five

0008 Day five0009 Day five

0010 Day five0012 Day five

0014 Day five0020 Day five

0023 Day five0028 Day five

0034 Day five0036 Day five

0041 Day five0049 Day five

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0074 Day five0076 Day five

0086 Day five0089 Day five


0072 Day five0071 Day five


The end of a perfect Jim Smith Fun Fest for 2014. We look forward to getting together for the next one which is planned for September, 2015 in the Black Hills of South Dakota. See you all there!


2013 Fun Fest Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

The 2013 Jim Smith Society Fun Fest was held in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, July 17th to the 21st. A great time was had by all who  attended. There was a picnic on a beautiful mountain top in Shirley Arkansas, hosted by Weldon Smith, brother of Shawnee Jim Smith. Thursday, we took a bus tour of Little Rock Arkansas where we visited the State Capitol, a brief visit to Central High School, where integration began with the forced entry of nine black students in 1957, and a tour of the Clinton Library. At the Library we were interviewed by KATV, a local television station.

On Friday, we again boarded the bus for a trip to Blanchard Springs Caverns with side trips to Shirley, AR to visit an old one room jail once used mostly to house drunks who couldn’t make it home, and a drive by of the home in Timbo, AR where Jimmy Driftwood lived and wrote “The Battle of New Orleans.” Following our visit to the caverns we continued on to Mountain View where we dined at JoJo’s and went to the White River Hoedown for a rousing evening of music and fun.

Saturday brought us a relaxing boat trip on Greers Ferry Lake before our Jim Smith Fun Fest Banquet and a rousing game of JIMGO, the Society’s version of Bingo.

2012 Fun Fest in No. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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2011 Fun Fest Cruise

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